Tax Declarations

For legal entities

  • According to Corporate Tax Law, every legal entity registered in Bulgaria, and conducting economic activity is obliged to submit end-of-year tax declaration and financial report. We can prepare all necessary documents for the National Revenue Agency (NRA), National Statistics Institute (NSI), and Registry Agency.
  • Value Added Tax declarations
  • Social Security declarations

For individuals

Natural persons in Bulgaria, who receive independent contractor payments, honorariums and other non payroll payments, are obliged to declare their income to the National Revenue Agency (NRA).

All Sole Traders, who conduct economic activities, receive rent, or have other types of income are also subject to the above mentioned duties.

We offer you consultations, assistance and preparation of your yearly tax declaration.

For inactive companies

Legal entities who did not conduct any business activities in the previous year are not obliged to submit a yearly tax declaration. They are still obliged to submit a monthly VAT declaration (if company is VAT registered), and to declare their inactivity to the National Statistics Institute (NSI), Registry Agency. We guarantee timely submission of all necessary documents for your inactive company.